Sexy Beauty Secrets Blog: Like Taking Beauty Products From a Baby

Regardless of whether you're an aggregate beautyista who's fixated on preparing and spoiling, or a tenderfoot planning to get some awesome get exquisite pointers, at that point you will love Cosmo's new excellence blog...A great lump of my most loved magnificence items are implied for babies. I foam up each morning in the shower with Johnson's Head-to-Toe Baby Wash, lube up a short time later with Noodle and Boo SuperSoft Lotion and on truly hot days, I remain cool with Burt's Bees Baby Bee Dusting Powder. I even have Suave Kids Swim and Sport 2 out of 1 Shampoo close by to expel chlorine from my hair after a dunk in the pool.

I think my accumulation of child items is making my beau anxious, particularly after I clouded our sheets and room with Noodle and Boo Room Spray (implied for nurseries). I swear my organic clock is a long way from ticking. I simply adore how delicate the equations are and how yummy they smell. What's more, obviously, there's the cute bundling.

Am I the special case who's a sucker for infant items? Do you go magnificence shopping in the child walkway?

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