My Husband and I Took a Sexy Bath With a Jelly Bomb and HOO BOY

Give me a chance to get it outta the way: Baths can be gross. You're marinating in your very own stale pool body juices water and you're exhausted out of your gourd since what the hell is there even to do in there? Stroke off? That is to say, fine, yet I would prefer not to experience the entire 20-minute difficulty of cleaning the tub, filling the tub, and after that getting in the tub for three minutes in paradise. Particularly not when my bed is made of a cloud, and it's dry and warm, and in the event that I drop my Kindle or telephone on it, I unquestionably beyond words. I can't state the same for showers!

In any case, there are a few special cases to the shower lead: (1) Baths are dope as damnation when you can take them in monster lodging suites in waste ass urban communities like Vegas, and (2) showers are conveyed to a bomb-ass level when you can toss in a shower bomb and unwind while it murmurs and bubbles and fills the stay with some kind of fantastic fragrance that is a combination of cleanser and your pinkest wander off in fantasy land. What's more, when you join the moron tub with the heavenliness of a shower bomb? Young lady. IT IS A SEXUAL RUB-A-DUB-DUB AND I LOVE IT.

Along these lines, when my supervisor inquired as to whether I needed to wash up with my man while attempting some new shower bombs, I was practically in. Indeed, water isn't an ointment, and my bath is little and wet, yet I can make anything work when free shower bombs are included! Nonetheless, this was previously I saw that the shower bombs being referred to were Lush's new jam shower bombs. Truly, she needed me to get freaky with my man in a bowl brimming with Jell-O (™), and I was both troubled and turned on. Diversion on!

To start with, have you seen those shower bombs? They look all typical, until the point when you place them in water and they transform into something different through and through: basically, a tub brimming with sludge.

That is to say, take a gander at this. It would seem that Slimer's discharge:

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