Barely Anyone Noticed the Huge Mistake That Will Rock Season 8

Cersei Lannister is one smooth woman. Throughout seven seasons she's killed out of a cold marriage, exploded 90 percent of her opponents in 10 seconds level, and disassembled the religious initiative of her nation at the same time joyfully screwing her twin sibling and winding up on the Iron Throne. At this point we know not to think little of that malevolent, brilliant mind of hers, however even a lady with Cersei's knowledge commits errors, and in a couple of disposable lines from season seven she made one that may cost her the position of authority and her life.While Dany and Jon auntie slammed their approach to White Harbor, Cersei uncovered to Jaime that she has no expectation of sending troops north and rather is sending Euron to get a band of sellswords called the Golden Company. She additionally said the Golden Company to Tycho Nestoris, the agent of the Iron Bank who made a trip to shake her down prior in the season. She's truly into these Golden Company colleagues, and is certainly depending on their help in the coming wars of season eight, yet there's recently this one...teeny tiny...itty bitty issue: They're presumably as of now on Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen's side.

In the A Song of Ice and Fire books, the Golden Company is known as the most flawlessly awesome armed force cash can purchase. They're inherited sellswords, and are generally dropped from the ousted knights who battled on the wrong side of a clash called the Blackfyre Rebellion. The originator of the Golden Company was Aegor Rivers, the legitimized knave of a Targaryen King, and they've been driven by those with Targaryen blood until their genuinely late history.One of the book's major plotlines that so far has been sidelined in the show includes Tyrion Lannister meeting Jon Connington, a banished ruler who was Rhaegar Targaryen's dearest companion. Jon Connington is escorting an adolescent kid to the Golden Company, where he uncovers to the skippers that the kid is Aegon Targaryen, Rhaegar's child with Elia Martell. As indicated by Connington, the infant Aegon who was executed by the Mountain when he sought Rhaegar's significant other and kids was really another lady's kid that Varys had swapped in to ensure the genuine sovereign. At the point when the Golden Company meets Aegon, they rally to his side as per a mystery assention made when Aegon was a child, and they surrender a paying contract to battle for him for free.There is some level headed discussion among book-perusers about regardless of whether this Aegon Targaryen is the genuine article, however since truly none of this occurs in the show it doesn't especially make a difference. What does make a difference is that on Game of Thrones, Rhaegar Targaryen's child Aegon is fit as a fiddle in Westeros, and the Golden Company is going ahead Euron's boats to enable Cersei to knock him off. Knowing what we do about the Targaryen-steadfast Golden Company, the Queen may be in for a severe shock when her costly and capable armed force appears prepared to toss down on the opposite side of the battlefield.Will we get the chance to see the expression all over when she understands she's spent all her cash on the wrong fellows? What about Euron when he gets additional killed in an armed force measured treachery 20 years really taking shape? Who knows, it's only a hypothesis! Go to the seven that season eight turns out one year from now and we'll find some genuine solutions.

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