A Complete Glossary of Every Important Riverdale Term

In spite of all the zombie and witch speculations making the rounds on the web, Riverdale has so far remained a totally non-extraordinary show. In any case, despite the fact that the issues burdening the town aren't paranormal, the exchange every so often veers into the domain of the unusual. When they're not peppering their discourse with popular culture references — Blue Jasmine, Betty Draper, and Ansel Elgort have all been name-dropped — the children of Riverdale are stating things like, "Here's the wheels, Baby Jane" and discussing a medication called jingle clank. Here, a manual for each imperative expression, place, or thing specified on Riverdale, to be refreshed as season two proceeds since they should plan to additionally clarify jingle clank.

Aquaholics. Riverdale High School's water polo group. You'd think a town with such a wild wrongdoing issue wouldn't play so reckless with liquor abuse jokes.

Bijou. Riverdale's motion picture theater. Jughead and Archie go here consistently on Jughead's birthday, however when Jughead turned 16, Betty ran with him instead.Blue and Gold. Riverdale High's understudy run daily paper. Betty and Jughead fill in as essentially the whole staff; Betty's mom Alice fills in as a counsel.

Lady of Hobo. One of Cheryl's monikers for Betty. See likewise: Hobo.

Bulldogs. Riverdale High's mascot. Likewise the name of the school's football group.

Chugmo. A superbly named alcohol store chain that was in converses with purchase Pop's before the Lodges furtively spared the day.

Fox Forest. Neighborhood woods where Kevin likes to go cruising.

Ghoulies. The Southside Serpents' opponent posse. They are known for medicate managing and being malevolent.

Greendale. A town neighboring Riverdale. It sits on the opposite side of the Sweetwater River and is the home of Sabrina Spellman. It's likewise where Mrs. Grundy was living when she was killed in the season two debut.

Here's the wheels, Baby Jane. A Cheryl Blossom maxim that seems to signify, "This is how it's going to be, bitch." It is likely a reference to the 1962 film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? featuring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as sisters with an amazingly entangled relationship.

Ho Zone. Riverdale's solitary strip club.

Beggar. One of Cheryl's monikers for Jughead. See additionally: Bride of Hobo.

Allusion. A gay bar in Riverdale, named "unfortunate" by Kevin.

Jingle clatter. An unlawful medication, potentially an upper. As per Sheriff Keller, use is on the ascent in Riverdale. In 1969, Archie's anecdotal band the Archies discharged a tune called "Jingle Jangle." It doesn't give off an impression of being about medications.

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