12 Easy Food Fixes for Every Health Issue

t's no news streak that some grub can influence you to feel ... ugh (despise you, post-informal breakfast carb crash). In any case, Mehmet Oz, MD, America's cherished TV doc — and, BTW, heart specialist — trusts that the other side is additionally valid: The correct eats can be mystery weapons for curing a wide range of medical problems. "Nourishment ought to dependably be your initial step," he says. "It has the positive effect of solutions, without the reactions." Check out his mending nibble remedy for basic woes.1. Flaxseed: Two ground tablespoons day by day in your morning smoothie or oat can decrease irritation (much obliged, omega-3 unsaturated fats), a typical reason for cramping.

2. Salmon: This frosty water angle is another calming star. One serving three times each week can even calm bosom delicacy.

3. Eggs: Crack open a couple for breakfast frequently, yolk what not. They're an extraordinary wellspring of vitamins D, B6, and E, which help ease side effects of PMS.The Fixes

4. Parsley: Chop and prepare this herb on a serving of mixed greens or in soup to help collapse your tummy — it's awesome for anticipating water maintenance.

5. Papaya: It contains papain, a protein that separates gut-obstructing sustenances. One glass, crude and cubed, ought to recover your entrails on track.

6. Entire Grains: Slowly add this fiber to your eating routine to keep your GI framework running (a lot without a moment's delay will exacerbate swell). Include 5 grams for each week (around one cut of grew grain bread) until the point when you hit 25 grams for each day.

The Problem: Killer Headaches

The Fixes

7. Pickle Juice: Prevent an aftereffect migraine by tasting 1/some this Polish people cure before bed. Its super-high electrolyte tally can help stop the skull beating.

8. Watermelon: Dehydration is a gigantic trigger for head agony and this H2O-rich bite can give sweet help.

9. Dull Leafy Greens: Yet another motivation to chow down on Swiss chard and spinach. Studies demonstrate their magnesium content diminishes headache recurrence.

The Problem: Chronic Low Energy

The Fixes

10. Quinoa: Iron is an unquestionable requirement for revving your vitality levels. One container, cooked, packs 15 percent of the day by day prescribed 18 milligrams.

11. Coconut Oil: Blend a bit into your espresso. The oil's unsaturated fats moderate your body's retention of caffeine, which expands your buzz.

12. Cherry Juice: Sip a shot with supper. The organic product's regular melatonin (which controls rest) will kick in by sleep time for a superior night's rest.

Dr. Oz's new book, Food Can Fix It, is accessible for preorder at Amazon.

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